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Concord is the capital of the state and best known for the arts. While it may not be the highest populated city in New Hampshire, it’s certainly one of the liveliest. is here to help you navigate your Concord electric supply options and keep your rate low. Learn more about our services below and partner with us today.

Learn About Your Concord Electric Supply

New Hampshire’s deregulated energy market gives consumers the power to choose their suppliers. As a result, suppliers compete for business in the state by setting their rates and trying to attract new customers. This system prevents monopolies and keeps energy prices lower than they would be in a regulated market.

Your supplier will send your energy to a distribution company known as a utility. Unitil Energy Systems Inc. is your utility in Concord, New Hampshire. This company is responsible for resolving power outages, distributing energy and maintaining the power lines in your area. You can contact Unitil if you have distribution concerns.

Prices in the energy market fluctuate for various reasons, and your low rate offer now may not be available next month. Before you sign a new agreement, find out when your current contract ends to avoid any potential cancellation fees.

Your next contract will likely have a fixed or variable rate. Fixed prices are set for a predetermined period, and variable rates change each month based on the market.

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At, we make it easy to shop for your next supplier. Our reverse auctions are an excellent tool for large commercial and industrial clients. With our reverse energy auctions, you can watch in real time as suppliers bid for your business. They know you’re looking for a competitive rate, and will have the opportunity to resubmit an offer if they are not the lowest bid.

After the auction, you’ll have a series of contracts to choose from. Your energy advisor will work with you to find the right one for your usage. Things to consider when reviewing the offers outside of the rate is the contract language. A close second or third bid may have more favorable contract language that would outweigh the lowest rate. Your energy advisor will be able to help you talk through those options and what makes the most sense.

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If you’re a small business owner or resident in Concord using less than 250,000 kWh’s per year, you can count on our online shopping platform to easily compare rates in your location. This tool just needs your preferred start date and zip code to give you accurate market rates. Find the best rate for your needs and sign a contract right on our site.

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