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Utilities in Manchester, New Hampshire

With just over 100,000 residents, Manchester is in the southern part of the state along the Merrimack River. In Manchester, consumers have the power to choose who supplies their electric. At EnergyPricing.com, our services can help you find a new provider with a low rate.

About Your Manchester Energy

In New Hampshire, the energy market is deregulated. Deregulation is made up of two separate parties in your energy — providers and utilities. Providers compete for business in the market by setting their rates and trying to win over customers. Energy consumers like you have the freedom to choose their providers based on personal preference.

Once you’ve enrolled with a provider, it will send the energy to your utility for distribution. Utilities make sure customers get the energy they pay for while also maintaining power lines and repair any outages. These companies also send bills to consumers with the correct rate calculation based on their providers. In Manchester, Eversource is your utility.

Energy market rates change for many reasons. With prices changing daily, your low rate today could be relatively high in a few months. Comparing electric rates can help you pick a new electric supplier and lock in a competitive rate.

When you’re ready to start shopping for electric, find out when your current contract ends to avoid termination fees. Your new energy agreement will specify a fixed or variable rate. Fixed contracts include a set price for a predetermined period, and variable prices shift from month to month based on the market.

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With so many electric companies available to you, comparing prices takes time. We can streamline your electric search with our reverse energy auctions. We’ll invite electric suppliers to compete for your business, and you can watch your rate options drop in real time.

In a traditional auction, participants bid higher amounts to win an item or service. Since electricity providers know you’re looking for a low rate, the bids will fall instead. When your auction is complete, you’ll have a list of rate options to choose from.

To make the selection process easier, we’ll pair you with an energy advisor to discuss your options. You might pick the lowest rate and/or sign the contract with the more favorable terms. Either way, you’ll walk away feeling confident in your choice.

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