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Do you use electric in Jersey City for your home or business? You get to choose your supplier, which can help you lower your rate. Looking for the cheapest electric supplier in NJ? At, we can help you find the cheapest electric supplier in New Jersey.

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If you’re a Jersey City resident or small business owner, you might want a quicker comparison of available rates. View current rates tailored to Jersey City here.

Our instant quotes make it easy to find a new supplier on your own. Look through the list, easily select your new rate and commit to a provider right from our site. Our team will send you a copy of your contract and remind you to look out for your next bill with your new rate.

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If you run a large commercial operation, your energy bill might make up a significant portion of your expenses. In these cases, finding a low rate can support big savings. At, our reverse energy auctions change the way you shop for suppliers.

Our team will compile a list of available suppliers in your area and set up an auction. Typically auctions take five business days from your inquiry to start. On the day of your auction, you’ll log into your account and watch live as suppliers submit lower bids in the hopes of winning your business.

At the end of the bidding period, you’ll discuss your options with an energy advisor. They can help you understand supplier contracts and find the right agreement for your usage.

If you’re ready to start a reverse auction, we’ll ask for a few details:

  1. Your contact information
  2. The product type you want
  3. Your new agreement start date
  4. Your list of energy accounts or recent bill copies

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