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While Toms River is known for its 1998 win in the Little League World Series, it’s also home to many residents and business owners. The thousands of people who rely on energy in Toms River get to choose their suppliers. At, we can help you find a new one with a low rate and reduce your Toms River electric bill.

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Researching suppliers can be challenging, and it’s hard to know when you’re getting a reasonable rate. At, our reverse energy auctions provide one transparent location for suppliers to compete for your business. Rather than comparing rates individually, you can drive your rate down. In a reverse energy auction, suppliers are submitting offers for the same product type. With fixed rates there are portions of the energy that can be adjusted or passed-through. With an auction, you’ll know we’re comparing apples to apples because suppliers are providing the same product types based on your risk tolerance.

We’ll ask for some basic information to start, including contact information, a service start date and your preferred rate type. We’ll also need a recent energy bill or a list of accounts. From there, we will have a kick off call to review your request and schedule your auction.

You’ll watch in real time as suppliers submit lower bids in an attempt to win your business. When the auction ends, you’ll have a list of rates and terms to choose from. Your designated energy advisor will discuss your options and help you find the best service agreement for your usage and energy goals.

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If you’re a Toms River resident or small business, you might be looking for a quicker comparison of market rates. View current rates in Toms River NJ today. Compare available prices and enroll right from our site.

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