Yonkers Electric Rates.

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Electricity in Yonkers

What do you pay for electricity in Yonkers? EnergyPricing.com gives you some quick tips about choosing a new supplier and shows you how our services can help you find a lower rate.

Understand Your Electrical Supply in Yonkers

New York is one of 16 states with a deregulated energy market, giving consumers the ability to choose their energy supplier. When you commit to a supplier for your Yonkers electric, they’ll determine the rate you pay for your energy.

Your utility is a separate company from your supplier, and it’s chosen for you based on your location. In Yonkers, your utility is ConEdison. This company distributes the energy that suppliers provide and responds to outages and power line maintenance concerns.

Researching suppliers and comparing your options can help you reduce your rate. Before you start your search, you should identify when your current contract ends. Starting your new contract before your existing end date will result in termination fees.

You’ll also want to think about the type of rate you want in your agreement. Fixed rates depend on the market at the time you sign, and they’ll remain constant throughout your contract. Variable contracts change from month to month according to fluctuations in the energy market.

Compare Rates Near You

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Running a large commercial business requires high energy consumption, and lowering your Yonkers electric rate could make a significant difference in your spending. While you could try to compare rates yourself, EnergyPricing.com offers a unique solution to your supplier search — a reverse energy auction.

The reverse auction process makes suppliers compete for your business. Instead of simply comparing your rate options, reverse auctions shrink your rate in real time. On the day of the auction, suppliers will submit lower and lower rates to win your business. To start this process, we’ll request:

  • A list of accounts or a copy of your recent bill.
  • Your preferred rate type and start date.
  • Basic contact and business information.

When the auction window closes, you’ll have a series of suppliers and their respective rates to choose from. We’ll set you up with one of our energy advisors from the very beginning, who will explain your contract options. You’ll be able to make an informed decision from there.

Compare Yonkers Electric Rates with Us

If you’re a resident or a small business owner, you might prefer a list of current market rates to handle the comparison yourself. Shop rates online with your zip code and start date to collect supplier rates in your area. With this list, you can identify your preferred rate and commit to your new supplier from our site.

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