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Energy Companies in Cincinnati, Ohio

What do you currently pay for electricity in Cincinnati, Ohio? With, you can compare supplier rates and find a contract that works for your usage. Learn about the energy market and how we help you find a low rate.

Understand Your Electrical Supply in Cincinnati

As a Cincinnati resident or business owner, you live in a deregulated energy market. Ohio is one of many states that uses this system, and it allows energy consumers to choose their suppliers. Your supplier provides your energy and determines the rate you pay, while your utility is the company that distributes that energy and maintains power lines.

In Cincinnati, your utility is Duke Energy Ohio, and they’ll be your utility as long as you live in their service area. If you haven’t chosen a supplier, they’ll provide a Price to Compare (PTC). This rate changes throughout the year so you want to take the average price based on your usage over 12 months, and you can use it as a baseline when researching supplier rates.

Before you look for a new supplier, you’ll need to find out when your current contract ends to avoid termination fees. You’ll also have to choose between a fixed, variable or block and index rate. Fixed rates stay the same throughout your contract, while variable prices fluctuate with the energy market. Block and index rates use a fixed rate for specific usage and change to variable pricing above that usage.

Compare Energy Companies in Cincinnati With

Comparing supplier rates on your own can require a lot of research, and working with a traditional broker doesn’t give you a comprehensive comparison. uses reverse auctions to make it easy to compare supplier rates. To start the process, you can fill out a custom quote. We’ll need your:
  • Contact information.
  • Start date and rate type.
  • Recent bill or energy account.
When we have your energy information, we’ll set up the auction with our network of suppliers. They’ll compete for your business, driving down your energy rate, while you can watch in real time. When the bidding period closes, you’ll work with one of our energy advisors to understand your contract options and choose your new supplier. With our complete transparency, you’ll know you’re getting one of the best rates available.

Get an Instant Quote and Review Cincinnati Energy Rates

For a faster comparison, our instant quotes compile the current market rates in your area. We’ll use your zip code and start date to provide a complete list of supplier rates in Cincinnati, and you can compare rates to find the best one for you.

After selecting your supplier, you can e-sign a contract through us. We’ll send a copy of your agreement and a reminder to check your new bill to confirm that you transitioned to your new provider.

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