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As a Parma resident or business owner, you have more say in what you pay for energy than you might think. Choosing a new supplier can help you lower your rate and reduce your average monthly bill. At EnergyPricing.com, we’ll help you find the right supplier with reverse auctions and instant quotes.

Learn About Your Electric Supply in Parma, Ohio

Ohio is one of 16 states with a deregulated energy market, which lets consumers choose their energy suppliers. While suppliers provide energy and determine the rate you pay, your utility distributes this energy and maintains your power systems. In Parma, The Illuminating Company is your utility, but your supplier is up to you.

Energy laws in the state require utilities like The Illuminating Company to provide a Price to Compare (PTC). This rate changes throughout the year. It’s important to take the average 12 month rate when reviewing supplier options. You can use this figure when comparing suppliers to decide if they’re offering a reasonable rate.

When you’re ready to find a new supplier, you need to decide what type of rate you’re looking for. Fixed rates stay the same throughout your contract, and variable rates fluctuate as the energy market changes. Ohio also has a rate type called block and index. In this arrangement, you pay a fixed rate for a set amount of usage and change to a variable rate above that measurement.

It’s also wise to determine your current contract’s end date. Avoid cancellation fees and start service with a new supplier after your agreement ends.


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When you run a large industrial or commercial company, your energy usage is probably high. Looking for a new rate may help you save significantly. At EnergyPricing.com, we use a reverse auction process to make suppliers compete for your business. You can get started with a custom quote. We’ll need:

  • Your business and contact information.
  • A recent energy bill.
  • A start date.
  • Your preferred rate type.

We’ll invite a group of suppliers in our network to participate in the auction. They know you’re looking for a low rate, so they’ll bid lower and lower prices in an attempt to win your business while you watch in real time. When bidding closes, you’ll have a list of rates to choose from that are custom to your business.

You’ll get to work closely with one of our energy advisors to understand your available rates and contracts. With our complete transparency, you can feel confident about your decision.

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