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Scranton, Pennsylvania, Electric Suppliers

Do you have an energy supplier for your Scranton home or business? Committing to a new supplier can help you lower your rate. makes it easy to compare suppliers in your area and choose the one that suits your usage.

Learn About Scranton, Pennsylvania, Electricity Rates

Pennsylvania‘s deregulated energy market allows consumers like you to choose their energy suppliers. Your utility is responsible for distributing the energy your supplier provides, while your supplier sets the rate you pay.

Scranton’s utility is PPL Electric Utilities. If you’ve never switched to a supplier, PPL charges you a default variable rate called the Price to Compare (PTC). The PTC is a per-kilowatt-hour (kWh) price, and it’s calculated based on wholesale energy costs over two years. PPL will change this price quarterly, and there’s a strong chance it’s not the lowest rate you can pay.

Gross receipt tax (GRT) is another notable requirement in Pennsylvania energy laws. This tax is included with all energy services, and it’s currently 6.27%. Make sure to consider GRT when comparing rates to ensure your comparisons are accurate. GRT is a tax that all consumers of electricity in Pennsylvania must pay regardless of their sales tax exemption status.

Supplier contracts will require either a fixed or variable rate product. Fixed rates stay the same throughout your agreement. If you start service when market prices are low, this type can be beneficial to you. Variable rates change with the market, which can lead to high or low prices. The type you choose will depend on your usage and how much risk you’re willing to take. On rare occasions, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will require a tariff rate adjustment regardless of your contract.

If you’d like to learn more about how Pennsylvania energy laws work, get in touch with our experts at 800-225-3813.

Pick the Best Electric Rates in Scranton, Pennsylvania

If you choose a supplier on your own, you’ll put in hours of research and contacting providers to learn about their rates. helps you sidestep that process and compare suppliers in one place with complete access to the process.

With our reverse auctions, you can drive your commercial rate down by having suppliers compete for your business in a transparent auction. We will identify a list of suppliers from our network, set a starting price and allow them to bid for your consumption. You get to watch in real time, and when the auction closes, you have several rates and contracts to choose from. With guidance from our energy advisors, you can make an informed decision.

For a faster option, residential and small commercial customers can request the current market rates in Pennsylvania. We’ll use your start date and zip code to give you accurate prices, and you can make the decision for yourself. Sign an electronic contract through us and look out for your new service to start.

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