Power To Choose Alternatives.

Before using Texas’ Power To Choose site, consider the alternative solution, EnergyPricing.com

Power To Choose Alternatives

If you are curious about the Texas PUC’s electricity shopping website, Power To Choose, and maybe finding an alternative solution, you’ve landed on the right page! While Power To Choose has its benefits, there are many downfalls to consider before signing up with a Texas electricity provider. Let’s explore PowerToChoose.org further…

About Power To Choose, Texas' Electricity Shopping Website

According to their website, Power To Choose is…

“…the official and unbiased electric choice website of the Public Utility Commission of Texas. This website is available to all electric providers to list their offers for free. Compare offers and choose the electric plan that’s right for you.”


Out of all of the deregulated electricity states, Texas is the most mature. In fact, Texas has been deregulated since 2002, and Texans have enjoyed shopping for electricity providers since then.

Power To Choose was the Texas Public Utility Commission’s project to make electricity rate shopping in Texas simple and easy for all consumers. On this website, Texas residents can compare electricity suppliers, and even sign up for a TX electric plan right online.

Pitfalls of Power To Choose

Now, like anything, there are some downsides to the Power To Choose website. Since all licensed electric providers in Texas are invited to join, you should consider the following before enrolling in an electricity plan…

All Suppliers Are Not Created Equal

Since any Texas retail electricity provider can offer rates on Power To Choose, there can be a mix of “bad” suppliers. While all energy companies in Texas are regulated by the PUC, some suppliers utilize unscrupulous practices. Here are some of the things to watch out for when enrolling in a plan…

Hidden Auto-Renewal Clauses

Some electricity suppliers will hide auto-renewal language in their contracts that binds customers to a new term if they do not cancel in time. Sometimes, these new terms even have cancelation fees, so if you forget to cancel your contract, you are locked-in for another period. 

Disguised Monthly Fees

From time to time, you will see an electricity rate offer that seems too good to be true. The rate is much lower than all of the other supplier offers, and you might even be enticed to sign up. In these cases, watch out for hidden monthly flat fees that are added onto the rate. Although small, the extra $5 or $10 per month actually makes your electricity rate much higher. 

Pass Through Charges

Some suppliers will put language in the electricity supply contracts that allow them to pass through any additional costs they incur throughout your fixed rate contract. These are known as pass through charges. In 2022, there were even some electric suppliers who changed fixed rates in the middle of a contract claiming they had the rights to do so because of this contract language.

No True Customer Service

Although you can find great rates on Power To Choose, they are run by the PUC and are not in business to serve customers. So, if you have a question or an issue, you are left having to figure things out yourself. 

While the energy suppliers you might sign up with have customer service teams, it can be very valuable to have a broker, consultant, or energy advisor in your corner who can make suggestions, answer questions, and provide guidance. 

Custom Pricing Is Not Available With Power To Choose

There are very low electricity rates on the Power To Choose website, but you do not have the option to request a custom electric quote. Sometimes, custom electricity pricing can be much lower than the standard offers from suppliers. If you have lots of usage or are a commercial account, then custom pricing is almost always your best option. 

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3 Advantages of a Power To Choose Alternative Like EnergyPricing.com

There are many advantages to using a Power To Choose alternative energy shopping website. When we built our website, we designed it for our customers. We took the very best of what PowerToChoose.org had and tried to supercharge it to make your energy shopping experience even better. Here are the top three reasons to use our site over Power To Choose in Texas:

power in numbers

1. There's Power In Numbers (no pun intended)

Because we are a licensed energy brokerage company, we have been working with the nation's leading energy suppliers for over a decade. We have good working relationships with these suppliers and are often able to negotiate special electricity rates and pricing based off our company's sales volume.  Unlike Power To Choose that simply displays whatever offer a supplier submits, we can use our leverage and size in the energy market to help you get lower electric rates. 

customer service

2. Get A True Energy Advisor

In addition to signing up for the lowest Texas electric rates on our site, a new plan also comes with a dedicated, expert energy advisor. Unlike other shopping websites that are simply looking to enroll customers, we pride ourselves on our dedicated customer support team.  Whether you have a simple question about your plan, are looking for advice for your next contract, or have some sort of other energy need, we will help you! Our team has decades of combined experience in the retail energy markets and currently services thousands of customers throughout the United States. 

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3. Custom Electricity Pricing

Sometimes, the off the rack electricity rates aren't what's best for you, your home, or your business. Our customers with unusual electricity usage often benefit from custom electricity pricing. A custom quote works by us downloading your historical electricity usage data from the utility, sending your account out for pricing among our trusted suppliers, and then presenting you with custom offers.  Custom electric pricing is always better for larger commercial accounts too! If you have a hotel, factory, or large commercial building, you can save thousands of dollrs by getting a tailored-fit electricity rate.  

Ready To Start Shopping For A Texas Electric Plan?

If you are ready to sign up for an electricity rate in Texas, we would encourage you to use our website. You have a few options when shopping for electricity on our site: 

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