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PECO (Philadelphia Electric Company) is a large utility in southern Pennsylvania that delivers gas and electricity to its customers. If you live in PECO’s service area, you can shop for a new supplier and choose your supply rate. Learn about PECO and how EnergyPricing.com can help you reduce your energy rate.

About PECO Power

PECO is a part of Exelon Corporation. Also known as the Philadelphia Electric Company, PECO is based in Philadelphia and serves southeastern Pennsylvania. They have more than 1.6 million electric customers and over 532,000 natural gas customers in the greater Philadelphia region. PECO is Pennsylvania’s largest electric and natural gas utility.


The Difference Between PECO and a Supplier

PECO ensures the power gets to the end user. Suppliers provide the energy that is dispersed throughout the PECO service area. Pennsylvania, like many states in the U.S., has a deregulated energy market, which allows customers to choose their energy supplier.

If PECO is your utility, they’ll fix outages in your area and maintain power lines, no matter who provides your electric. When you sign up with a third party supplier, you are choosing them based off their offer. Make sure you review their terms and any promo plans up front before signing up.

PA requires PECO to provide default rates for customers who have yet to choose a supplier. These default rates are called the Price to compare (PTC), and they offer a cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) that varies throughout the year for residential and commercial usage.

Residential rate class (R) customers are subject to the price to compare at $0.06597 per kWh (effective 9/1/2021-11/30/2021). Commercial rate classes (General Service, “GS”) in PECO have a price to compare rate of $0.05755 per kWh (effective 6/1/2021-11/30/2021).

Please note that for commercial rate class users with a demand greater than 100 kW, they may be subject to real-time pricing with PECO and ineligible for the default price to compare. If you are uncertain if your commercial property is on real-time pricing, please contact our office to review your usage with PECO at 800-225-3813. We’re happy to help!


PECO Energy Service Area

PECO energy services reach millions of customers in seven counties, including Philadelphia, Chester, York, Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery and Lancaster. Some of those cities and towns include:

Philadelphia     Plymouth Meeting     West Chester     Malvern

Doylestown     Springfield     King of Prussia     Pottstown

View our current supplier rates in PECO’s service area.


Get a New Rate With EnergyPricing.com

If you receive a PECO electric bill, you have options beyond just the PTC. At EnergyPricing.com, we use a reverse auction process to help you get the best rate for your business.

We include suppliers from our network to join in on your reverse auction. They will bid against each other to win your business. As the bidding process starts, the competition drives the price lower and lower, and you get to watch in real time. When the auction is over, you have a list of rates and terms to choose from. With the help of our energy experts, you can review the offers and find a rate that works for your usage.

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