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Penelec (Pennsylvania Electric Company) is a large electric utility in PA, serving northern and central regions in the state. If Penelec is your utility and you have not switched your supply, you may be paying a default rate that changes throughout the year, also known as the price to compare — when you could be paying less. Learn how Penelec serves its customers and how you can reduce your electric costs with

About Penelec

The Penelec (Pennsylvania Electric Company) is owned by FirstEnergy and can be found in central and northern Pennsylvania. Beyond Penelec, FirstEnergy owns nine other companies across Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey and Maryland, serving over 6 million customers. Penelec runs on a section of FirstEnergy’s 269,000 miles of power lines and serves nearly 600,000 homes and businesses in the state.

Utilities vs. Suppliers

Penelec is in charge of electric distribution. Suppliers, often referred to as Retail Electric Providers (REPs), provide the electric that Penelec sends to homes and businesses that receive their service. In PA, the deregulated energy market gives you the option to choose your supplier.

Penelec will always restore a loss of power and maintain power lines, no matter who your supplier is. The supplier you choose will set the supply rate you pay for your power based on the current market and supply verse demand.

State laws require utilities to provide a default rate for users who do not choose a third party option. This default rate is known as the Price to Compare (PTC) per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Your PTC is based on the price your utility pays for energy on the wholesale market.

Penelec Service Area

Penelec covers the largest area in the state out of all the FirstEnergy utilities. Spread across central and northern Pennsylvania, Penelec’s service includes over 30 counties. The cities and towns include the following:

Erie, Altoona, Johnstown, Indiana, Bradford, Meadville, Warren, Lewistown, Somerset

View our current rates in Penelec‘s service territory for more info.

Set up a Reverse Auction With

Instead of paying Penelec’s price to compare, you can work with us to create a custom reverse energy auction. With this process, our network of suppliers will bid against each other to try to win you over. This process can get you a new, lower supply rate compared to shopping on your own or using a traditional RFP process.

Our reverse energy auctions come with complete transparency throughout the process. Suppliers will have the chance to out bid each other and submit a better offer if they are not winning. Once the bidding period is up, you then have a range of contracts and rates to choose from.

Next, you will work with your energy expert to assist with any questions and ensure you are certain with your choice. They’ll help you review your contract options. No matter if you end up with the lowest bid and/or the best terms, they will be there to review all bids. makes it easy to find your next supply rate and contract that work with your energy usage. Get started with us today by getting a quote or reaching out to our team.

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