Easily Shop For The Best Electricity Rates

You’ve come to the right place. We can help you navigate the retail electricity market and easily understand the different types of supply options available.

Residential Energy Agreements Should Not Be Complicated.

As a retail energy consultant, we have established partnerships with energy suppliers in your service area. Additionally, we analyze the energy market to find you the best deal for your new house.

From the beginning, when researching a provider, you want to be certain the one you pick is transparent about the business they do. In the world of residential retail energy suppliers, there are multiple different products. Some have monthly fees, some are variable rates or cancellation fees. Some products include all three. The process is overwhelming and establishing trust with your new provider is important. That is where we come in. We have established partnerships with energy suppliers across the country. We’ve completed the research for you and vetted our supplier network. Feel confident in your new provider when you work with EnergyPricing.com.

Throughout the life of the agreement you will have a dedicated advisor to answer any questions that may come up.



Whether this is your first time switching or your 15th, we can help simplify the process.

It’s as easy as –

Enter Your Zip Code

A little info goes a long way. With your zip code and utility selected, we can provide you rates to review.

Energy Rates are Volatile

Select Your New Rate

Easily view competitive offers from available suppliers in your location and select the best offer that suits your needs.

Energy Rates are Volatile

Complete Your Account Information

With your new rate selected, now we just need to finalize the agreement. Fill out the required info about your utility account and location.

Know your electric agreement expiration

Finally, E-Sign Your New Agreement

With your account info provided and the click of a button, you can review your agreement in full and e-sign to lock in your new rate.

Understanding the type of electricity supply product you are signing up for is crucial when it comes to finding the best electricity rates.


Monthly Fees

Monthly fees are typically a set dollar amount each month that is included with your usage regardless of how much energy you use.

We typically advise away from these products because the lower rate advertised with them is not usually worth the monthly fee that comes with it when you calculate out your savings.


Variable Rates

Variable rates are just that. They vary throughout the life of the agreement. Typically they adjust with the energy market on a monthly basis.

While there may be months that they appear lower, there are also months where the rate can be much higher. If you are looking for a budget friendly option, a variable rate is not the solution.


Fixed Rates

For our residential clients, we provide fixed rate solutions without monthly fees.

We do not want them dealing with uncertainty when it comes to their budgets or paying unnecessary fees for their energy.

Check Available Rates in Your Area

Did You Recently Move?

When you’re moving into a new house, there are a lot of decisions to make. From wall colors to flooring to furniture arrangements, you have a list of responsibilities that help you make your house a home. Most importantly of them all is your energy needs in your new home. Every year, people pay money to the utility for their energy supply that may be unnecessarily high.

With the help of a retail energy provider, you can save money. Easily control how much you spend on energy during the days, months and years you spend in your new house.

Quick Energy Tips

Tips For Tackling Your Electricity Setup

If you are preparing to move into a new home, there are a few steps you should take with your energy company.

    1. First, you must call and notify your current utility company that you will be moving and need the meter shut off on an effective date.
    2. Secondly, if your new home is in a different utility service area then you would now want to contact them to set up service and get your new account number.
    3. Finally, you’ll want to shop for a new supplier for your home. We can help! Just enter your zip code on our portal and review the current offers best suited for your service area. 
    4. From there, you can easily sort and select the best electricity rates and term for your new home.

It’s important to note that when you move from one home to the other, you cannot transfer your energy supply agreement to the new location, even when you may only be moving down the street.

Contact Us To Learn More

If you’re looking for an honest company to find you the best electricity rates to choose from, look to EnergyPricing.com. We’ll provide you with a helpful Energy Advisor who can assist you with making informed decisions about your home’s energy needs.

To start finding an energy supplier today, contact our team on our website or give our office a call at 800-225-3813 or start a live chat with one of our representatives now.

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