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Dayton Power & Light teaches you about electricity from Dayton Power and Light and how you can use our services to find a new supplier.

About Dayton Power & Light

The Dayton Power and Light (DP&L) company, now called AES Ohio, is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, and serves the Miami Valley. Dayton Power was founded in 1911, and its 6,000-square-mile service area provides energy to 1.25 million people in West Central Ohio.

The entity manages 13,365 miles of overhead distribution lines and employs about 700 professionals. In 2011, AES acquired Dayton Power and Light, and in February 2021, the company officially changed its name to AES Ohio.

What's the Difference Between a Utility and a Supplier?

DP&L or AES Ohio is a utility — a company that distributes energy to a specified region of a state. Your utility maintains powerlines, ensures power reaches its customers and responds to outages in its territory. If you live in the AES Ohio service area, they’ll always be your utility.

On the other hand, your supplier is a company that provides energy for your utility to distribute. Your supplier determines the rate you pay for your power. You can choose the company that supplies your energy thanks to the deregulated market in Ohio. This system encourages competition among suppliers and gives you some say in what you pay for electricity.

Ohio energy laws require DP&L and other utilities to provide a Price to Compare (PTC) on their bills. This number changes throughout the year. It is best to take the average rate over 12 months to use for comparing. You’ll pay this rate if you don’t have a supplier, and you can use it as a baseline when comparing provider rates in your area.

DP&L Service Area

Dayton Power and Light serves 24 counties in southwest Ohio, including many cities in the greater Dayton region. Some cities in their territory are:

Dayton     Troy     Miamisburg     Springfield     Sidney     Montezuma     Oxford     Lima     Englewood

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