Duke Energy.

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Duke Energy

Duke Energy is a utility company in Ohio that provides reliable, efficient energy to its customers. At EnergyPricing.com, we can help you understand your Duke electric rates and how you can save on your bill.

About Duke Energy Ohio

Duke Energy can be found in six states, serving over 7 million electric customers in total. They also serve over 1.5 million gas customers in Ohio, Kentucky, the Carolinas and Tennessee.  For more than 150 years, Duke Energy has served homes and businesses as a utility. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, they are one of the largest energy companies in the country.

Duke Energy Ohio end users rely on a portion of the company’s 51,000 megawatts of generated electric. They serve 870,000 electric customers and 542,000 gas consumers across a 3,000-square-mile service area in Ohio and Kentucky.

What Makes Duke Energy Different From a Supplier?

Duke Energy is a utility, which makes them in charge of the power lines and delivery of electric. If you have an outage or a downed powerline, you’ll contact Duke Energy. Your utility depends on where you live in the state, unlike your supplier, which is up to your choice.

Ohio is one of many states with a deregulated energy market. They allow energy suppliers to compete for business. While your utility sends the energy to you, your supplier provides the power they send to you. The supplier you choose will set the rate you pay for your electric.

The state requires utilities to provide a Price to Compare (PTC) on your energy bill. You can use it to compare supplier rates and find fair prices for your usage.

Duke Energy Service Area

Duke Energy can be found just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, in counties including, Hamilton, Warren, Butler, Brown and Clermont. Some cities in this service area are:

Fayetteville, Monroe, Millville, Evendale, Williamsburg, Georgetown

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