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Pepco, Maryland

In Maryland, Pepco delivers energy to over half a million customers. If you rely on Pepco MD to provide your power, you can choose a new supplier and reduce your rate. makes it easy to compare suppliers.


Shop for a new electricity supplier if your a Pepco customer. Pepco's default supply rates vary and customers are eligible to shop for a fixed rate with an alternative energy supplier today.

About Pepco, Maryland

Pepco is a utility owned by Exelon Corporation. They were incorporated in 1896 and now serves Washington, D.C., and some parts of Maryland. Pepco serves 894,000 customers total, with 582,000 located in Maryland.

Their service reaches 640 square miles with 156 substations and nine facilities. Also to note, Pepco relies on over 1,400 employees to deliver power to homes and businesses.

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Pepco Energy Services Territory

Pepco Energy services reach two Maryland counties — Montgomery and Prince Georges — outside of Washington, D.C. Cities and towns in these counties include:

Cabin John
Capitol Heights
Chevy Chase
College Park
District Heights
Fort Washington
Garrett Park
Glen Echo
Montgomery Village
Mount Rainier
Oxon Hill
Sandy Spring
Silver Spring
Takoma Park
Temple Hills
Upper Marlboro
Washington Grove

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If you’re looking for cheap electricity rates in Pepco, MD, you’ve come to the right place! We allow our customers to browse Pepco electricity supplier offers and sign up directly online.

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Larger commercial and industrial customers use a lot of energy, and shopping for your rate can help you save in the long term. At, our reverse energy auctions make it easy to compare suppliers and commit to a new rate.

We’ll compile a group of suppliers in your area, and they’ll bid for your consumption. As the customer, you can watch LIVE as the bids come in. When the auction closes, you’ll have a list of rates from a variety of suppliers to choose from.

Your Energy Expert will work with you to help you understand your contract options. With our market education and transparency, you can feel confident about your choice. Get started today or get in touch with us to learn more.

What's the Difference Between Utilities and Suppliers?

Utilities and suppliers make up your energy market in Maryland. The deregulated energy market in the state prevents monopolies in utilities by driving competition for energy supply. Consumers then have the options of choosing who supplies their power based on the market and locks in a contract. The market changes daily, which means that rates change based on supply and demand. To ensure your bottom line is not affected by the energy market, it’s best to lock in a fixed rate agreement with a third party supplier.

Utilities like Pepco MD deliver the energy suppliers provide. With vast networks of distribution and transmission lines, utilities ensure your home or business has the energy you pay for. If you live in Pepco’s service area, they’re your first point of contact for power line issues or outages.

In Maryland, utilities include a Price to Compare (PTC) on your energy bill. In Pepco, they refer to it as the Standard Offer Service (SOS). This excludes your distribution charges from Pepco. Because they adjust their supply rates monthly, it can make budgeting tough. You’ll notice there is also a Procurement Cost Adjustment (PCA) included in the Price to Compare. This is to account for market changes as they try to predict the supply charges and then adjust based on actual numbers either with a credit or charge based on the current market. To understand what the current price to compare rate is in Pepco, please refer back to your most recent bill copy.

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