Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company.

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Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company

The Illuminating Company distributes electric to Cleveland and nearby areas. teaches you about their services and how you can find a new supplier to save on your energy bill.

About The Illuminating Company

The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, also referred to as The Illuminating Company, is one of three utilities in Ohio under the FirstEnergy. The company uses a fraction of FirstEnergy’s 269,000 miles of power lines to serve over 700,000 customers in northeastern Ohio.

FirstEnergy Corp. operates in Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and West Virginia with 10 companies. They found their start in 1997 during a merger between the Ohio Edison Company and Centerior Energy Corp. FirstEnergy is based in Akron, Ohio.

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What's the Difference Between a Utility and a Supplier?

The Illuminating Company is a utility. And as such, they are in charge of getting the power to those in their region. Your supplier is one that provides power to utilities to send out to the end user.

Ohio’s deregulated energy market allows consumers to choose who supplies their power. Providers can decide what rate to charge for electric based on the current market. This drives competition among companies while giving you a say in your energy bill. The supplier you commit to will set the rate you pay.

Energy laws in the state require The Illuminating Company to provide a Price to Compare (PTC) on your bill. This figure does change throughout the year, and it is the rate you’ll pay if you are not with a third party offer. When you start looking at supply rates, you can use the PTC as a baseline to decide whether a price is good. It’s best to take the PTC average rate over the last 12 months to use as a baseline since the PTC does change over the year.

Cleveland Illuminating Company's Service Area

The Illuminating Company reaches many homes and businesses. Towns and cities in their service area include:


Avon Lake

Cleveland Heights






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How Can Help You Save on Your Electric Bill?

You have a few options for finding a new supplier. You can handle all the research yourself, work with a traditional broker or choose us. So, why work with us? Good question. Our reverse auctions drive suppliers to compete for your usage. You can then review the best options for your business and choose the right one.

When you sign up for a custom quote, we’ll gather a group of suppliers in our network based on your accounts. When it’s time for the auction, they will start bidding their rates in an attempt to win you over. You will get to watch in real time as your offers drop.

At the end of the bidding window, you’ll talk to your energy expert to review the top contract and rate for your usage and have the chance to lock it in.

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