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How Do I Change My Electric Supplier In PA?

Changing your electricity supplier in PA can be done in several ways. There are different actions you need to take depending on if you are looking to sign up with a new supplier, end your existing contract and go back to the utility, or switch from one supplier to another.

Here are some tips for switching energy suppliers in Pennsylvania…

Signing Up For New Service

If you just moved and have a brand new utility account, or you are currently with the utility default service and want to switch to a supplier, then signing up is simple. Using our online energy shopping website, simply enter your zip code, browse offers from PA electric suppliers, and sign up online. 

If you are a commercial customer looking for a custom quote, then you can submit your utility bills to us and we will price your account among the leading energy companies in Pennsylvania. When the quotes come back, you can compare them and sign up with a supplier by signing an energy supply agreement

Going Back To The Utility

If you are with a supplier and your contract is nearing expiration, or you are no longer on a contract with your provider, then you can switch your electric account back to the local utility for default electricity service. Switching back to the electric utility in Pennsylvania is easy. Before you switch, make sure you contact your supplier to ensure that there is no cancellation fee or early termination penalty for leaving their service. Here is how to switch back to the utility:

  1. Contact your utility company (see the quick links below for contact information)
  2. Ask to be placed back on the default electric supply service
  3. Get a confirmation when the switch back to the utility will happen

Local Utility Quick Links For Contact Information:

Switching From Supplier To Supplier

If you are currently with a supplier and want to switch to another supplier when your contract is up, then switching from energy supplier to energy supplier is easy. When you sign up with a new supplier, the new company will handle the supplier switch automatically for you. Yes, that’s right, you do not need to do a thing!

It is important to know, however, that when you sign up with a supplier online, the start date of your new contract will usually be your next billing cycle. So remember, you need to make sure that your current supplier contract is over, will be over on that same billing cycle, or does not have a cancellation fee. 

If you are a commercial customer, you can sign a new contract that starts many months or years into the future. It is also important to know when your current contract expires so that you can time the next contract to start accordingly. 

Need Some Help?

If you don’t know when your current contract is up or you simply need your questions answered, contact us today! Our team of energy experts is waiting for your call to answer any questions yu might have about electric suppliers, rates, or energy deregulation.

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