Energy Saving Tips When Working From Home In Houston

Energy Saving Tips When Working From Home In Houston
Energy Saving Tips When Working From Home In Houston

The new work-from-home trend is causing many Texas homeowners to use much more electricity than normal. In fact, prior to the pandemic, most Houston-area residents used most of their electricity from 4PM to 10PM on weekdays and from 8AM - 10PM on weekends. Now, with many people working from home, that energy usage trend has changed. There is much more power being consumed during the day. 

While Houston residents are saving money on gasoline by not commuting to work, their electricity bills are increasing. Here are some tips for reducing your CenterPoint Energy electric utility bill this year as you work from home:

1. Find a Lower Electricity Rate

The easiest way to reduce your electric bill quickly is to sign up for a lower Houston electricity rate. Since your electricity bill is calculated in $ per kWh, then finding a lower rate per kWh in Texas is critical to lowering your bill. The state of Texas has deregulated electricity, so you can shop for a Houston-area electricity supplier to find a cheaper fixed electric rate. You can do this on websites like Power To Choose or you can simply enter your zip code at the top of this website to browse the top electricity suppliers in Texas.

2. Replace Your Old Light Bulbs With LEDs

Old candescent light bulbs are not very energy efficient. In fact, over the last decade LED light bulbs have become extremely more efficient when compared to candescent bulbs. Replacing your old lighting with energy-efficient LED light bulbs is a great way to reduce your kilowatt-hour consumption each month. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, LED light bulbs use 75% less electricity when compared to other forms of lighting.

3. Install A Smart Thermostat

If you haven't done so already, installing a smart thermostat in your Texas home is a surefire way to reduce your energy consumption. Older thermostats will cause your heating and cooling system to work over time. In fact, if it is a really old thermostat, the system will not shut off unless you direct it to. With the latest technology, you can install a smart thermostat that intelligently directs your HVAC system to turn on or off based on pre-set conditions. Some of these thermostats can even detect if you've left your home and will adjust the set temperatures to save even more energy. 

4. Ask An Expert

If you have questions about your Texas electric bill or would like to discuss other ideas for energy savings, it's best to contact an expert. Our team of energy advisors is on standby ready to answer any questions you might have. Simply contact us today and ask! If you think you might be ready to start shopping for a lower rate, click the button below!

 Looking to lower your electricity bills and save energy?