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How much do you pay for your electric supply in Met Ed Reading PA? If you’ve never committed to a supplier, you are paying a variable rate with the utility. connects you with suppliers directly so you can find a lower rate for your energy budget.

Understanding Your Electric Supply in Reading, Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania’s deregulated energy market, you can choose who supplies energy to your utility. While your utility handles your distribution and powerline maintenance, your supplier controls your rate.

Met-Ed Electric is your utility in Reading. If you haven’t chosen a supplier to work through their distribution services, they charge you a Price to Compare (PTC). The PTC is a per-kilowatt-hour (kWh) cost, and it’s based on the price of wholesale energy over two years. This rate changes quarterly, and because it’s an average, it may not be the lowest price you could pay.

Along with PTC, Pennsylvania energy laws also require Gross Receipt Tax (GRT) on energy. Currently, this tax is 6.27%. When you start comparing your rates, look at prices with and without GRT to get a clear look at the difference a supplier could make. Suppliers often quote rates without GRT but regardless of your sales tax exemption status, all consumers are required to pay GRT.

When it’s time to lock in a new supplier, you need to choose a fixed or variable rate. Fixed rates stay constant for the length of your agreement, and they can be beneficial to you when market prices are low. Variable rates fluctuate as the market does, meaning you may pay high and low prices at different times in the year.

The rate type you set up will depend on your preferred level of risk and what your usage looks like.

Pennsylvania energy can be challenging to navigate. If you have further questions, talk to our experts at 800-225-3813.

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While it’s easy to stay on Met-Ed’s PTC, it may not be the best for your budget. can connect you with suppliers and help you find lower rates with our custom and instant quotes.

For our large commercial clients, our custom quotes initiate the reverse auction process. We identify available suppliers in our network to come together in a reverse auction setting making it easy to bid in a transparent format. When the auction closes, you’ll have a series of numbers and contract options to choose from. You’ll then be paired with one of our energy advisors to make an informed decision.

For residential and small commercial customers, you can get a quick list of our current market rates for Pennsylvania energy. You can compare prices for your business or home and sign an electronic contract through us when you find your supplier.

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