Compare and Find the Best Electricity Rates in Dallas for 2024

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Published: 02/15/2024 | Last Updated: 03/15/2024
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Compare and Find the Best Electricity Rates in Dallas Compare and Find the Best Electricity Rates in Dallas

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Are you concerned about the growing electricity rates in your city? Use our advanced search and compare tool to find the best electricity providers in your town and review their energy plans.

Our advanced search and compare tools enable you to find the lowest electricity rates in Dallas and save significantly on your utility expenses.

Current Dallas Electricity Rates and Plans

Since the deregulation of the Texas energy market in 2002, Dallas residents enjoyed the biggest deregulated energy market in the country. Deregulation enables Dallas homes and businesses to choose the right energy provider and plans that benefit them most. 

Current Avg. Electricity Rates 

12 Month Fixed Rate $0.1715
24 Month Fixed Rate $0.1671
36 Month Fixed Rate $0.1654
These are the weekly Dallas average price trends as of May 22, 2024. Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1,000 kWh.

As an energy consumer in Dallas, you can select from the best electricity plans from the leading energy companies. Furthermore, the Public Utility Commission of Texas ensures energy companies charge fair prices for residential and commercial electricity within the state. 

Factors Affecting Average Electricity Rate

Various factors can impact your consumption habits and the average electricity consumption charges at your Dallas home or business. Some significant elements to consider to obtain the lowest Dallas electricity rates are as follows.

  • Electricity generation costs
  • Electricity transmission and distribution costs
  • Profit margin for energy providers
  • Electricity supply and demand
  • Government policies and regulations

The Benefits of a Deregulated Energy Market in Dallas

Residential and commercial properties in Dallas enjoy competitive energy rates and plans thanks to the 2002 Texas energy market deregulation. A Dallas resident can shop for electricity plans just as quickly as they shop for a new pair of shoes or kitchen utensils online. By providing competitive energy pricing in Texas, home and business owners can choose the ideal energy plan that fits their budget and minimizes their energy expenses.

Lowest Electricity Prices in Dallas Lowest Electricity Prices in Dallas

Lowest Fixed Electricity Plans in Dallas

Changing your energy company can significantly impact your utility expenses. Thanks to the almost statewide deregulation of the energy market in Texas, residents in Dallas can pick any energy plan from leading energy companies. 

It results in the consumer being able to choose an energy provider that offers the best value-for-money services. The following are the best and lowest fixed electricity plans in Dallas. You can use our advanced online tools to search and find the best electricity plans in Dallas to ensure the lowest electricity bills for your home or business.

Compare Popular Dallas Electricity Plans

With numerous energy companies offering their services to Dallas, the city residents have many home or commercial electricity options. Furthermore, you can choose from multiple electricity plans based on your energy consumption habits.

You can access information about the best electricity plans in Dallas using our website and subscribe to services with the click of a button. We can help you assess various electricity plans in Dallas and compare them side by side to find the best option for you. One of the best ways to ensure an effective electricity plan comparison is to assess your consumption habits against the unique benefits offered by a provider.

Find the lowest electricity rates in Dallas for your residential needs

Effective Tips for Comparing Dallas Energy Plans

A practical comparison of electricity plans in Dallas requires more than assessing and comparing energy plans. The detailed information on Dallas energy providers and their plans gives you a broad idea of the suitable providers. Use the following expert tips to make your assessment more accurate and holistic.

Check the Electricity Facts Label

One of the best ways to assess whether a residential electricity plan is ideal for you is to check its EFL or Electricity Facts Label. You can use it to understand valuable details about the energy plan, including the electricity rate per kWh, recurring charges, and early termination fees.

Assess the kWh Usage of Your Property

Checking your household’s or business’s monthly electricity usage is essential to finding the ideal energy plan. It is also worth noting that many electricity companies even offer credits for limiting your energy usage under the usage threshold. 

Check for Hidden or Additional Charges

Some energy providers may have hidden or additional charges in their electricity plans. Hence, you must check for these charges and ensure transparent pricing before you choose an energy provider in Dallas. 

Consider 100% Green Energy Plans 

Consider plans that offer 100% Green Energy. These plans are a perfect option for those prioritizing environmentally-friendly energy sources.

Consider the Plan’s Contract Length

Typically, electricity providers in Texas offer their plans with a validity ranging from one month to three years. Before deciding on an electricity plan, you must check the plan’s contract length and early termination fees.

How do you Find the Lowest Dallas Electricity rates?

Finding the lowest and best Dallas electricity rates involves defining your “best” and ensuring it aligns with your unique interests. The cheapest energy provider is not always the best option for you and requires a personalized assessment of your energy needs. 

You can start by conducting a comprehensive energy consumption assessment. It will help you understand your electricity requirements and help you find an ideal energy provider and plan. Besides that, you must also check for any add-on charges for the electricity plan to ensure you get the lowest electricity in Dallas. 

Hence, you must be careful every step of the way and take necessary precautions to avoid expensive utility bills for your Dallas home or business. Consider determining your monthly kWh usage to narrow down Dallas energy providers based on your energy consumption habits.

Types of Dallas Electricity Plans

Electricity plans in Dallas are either fixed-rate plans or variable-rate plans. While electricity plans vary from one provider to another, every electricity plan in Dallas falls under one of the two categories.

Fixed-rate Dallas Electricity Plan

In a fixed-rate Dallas electricity plan, you can set a price for the contract with the energy company or supplier for a specified time. Hence, you must pay the stipulated amount in the contract to the supplier monthly regardless of energy production cost. The energy cost can vary throughout the year depending on various factors, including weather and market volatility. 

Variable-rate Dallas Electricity Plans 

You can use a variable-rate Dallas electricity plan to benefit from the fluctuating real-time pricing of energy services. The electricity bills for a variable-rate electricity plan can vary throughout the year based on market factors affecting the energy prices. Hence, fixed-rate plans may be better if you want religious control over your energy and utility bills. 

Compare popular electricity providers and their plans in Dallas

Best Dallas Electricity Companies

You can find electricity companies that operate in all capacities in Dallas. Whether you live in Dallas or run a business, you can easily find an energy provider to meet your energy needs. However, it’s worth noting that different types of electricity companies in the deregulated Texas energy market include energy suppliers and utility companies.

Best Electricity Companies in Dallas Best Electricity Companies in Dallas

Dallas Retail Electric Providers (REPs)

Retail Electric Providers (REPs) or energy providers supply the energy to your Dallas home or business. These are the companies to whom you pay your periodic electricity bills. In deregulated areas in the U.S., like Dallas, TX, you can access a wide range of REPs or energy providers and their energy plans. 

You can use our online search and compare tool to browse for popular Dallas electricity providers and their plans in your area. Our advanced even lets you browse for REPs by state and ZIP code to assess your energy options. 

Analyzing the available energy plans, you can find the best provider for your household or commercial needs. You can also use the U.S. Energy Information Administration report that ranks energy providers based on the number of consumers to find REPs.

  1. TXU Energy Retail Co, LLC 
  2. Reliant Energy Retail Services
  3. Direct Energy Services
  4. Ambit Energy Holdings, LLC
  5. Green Mountain Energy Company

Dallas Electricity Utility 

Oncor is the Dallas utility company in charge of ensuring power transmission from the supplier to your home. These electricity companies must maintain the power lines and other power distribution hardware used to bring the energy to your home. Furthermore, the utility companies also take care of issues like power outages due to downed lines and blown transformers.

How to Switch Your Dallas Electricity Provider

Switching to a new electricity provider in Dallas is easy and convenient with our online tool. The advanced search and compare tool from Energy Pricing lets you browse popular electricity providers and plans in Dallas. Conducting an energy usage assessment before switching your energy provider is advisable. Here, we explain how to change your Dallas energy provider in three steps. 

Steps to Switch Electricity Providers in Dallas Steps to Switch Electricity Providers in Dallas

Find Energy Companies and Plans in Your Area

You can find the best energy providers or REPs in your ZIP code using our online tool. You can also browse for energy providers by their state and view different electricity plans to make an informed decision.

Review Your Energy Plan Details

After using our online tool to compare and choose an energy plan, you must carefully review it. You must check the plan details for add-on charges and alarming plan termination fees. You must also make sure to double-check the contract period before switching providers.

Enroll With the New Electricity Provider

Follow the prompts to enroll the new provider and switch your energy company. 

Would you like to see how it works in real-time? Watch the video below to learn how to shop online with

How to Shop Youtube CoverHow to Shop Youtube Cover

Factors to Consider When you switch to a new Electricity Provider

There are several factors to consider when switching your electricity provider in Dallas. Some factors you must consider before switching your Dallas energy provider include your average electricity usage and the time your current energy contract ends. 

Besides that, you must make it a point to compare your energy provider options and their plans before making the switch. Some energy providers may also have high contract exit fees. The energy rates may be higher during renewal, so you have to be careful about auto-renewals of the plan.

Moving to a New Home in Dallas?

Moving to a new home can be challenging if you keep worrying about utility issues. We make your move to Dallas, TX, a little easier by letting you pick an energy provider and a plan for your new Dallas home beforehand. You can use our online tool to search for energy providers and their plans to the ZIP code to which you are moving and get the energy ready without leaving your seat.

10 Essential Tips to Save Energy and Minimize Your Electricity Bills

Choosing the lowest energy plan can’t save money if you have poor energy consumption habits. Here are some essential tips to help you optimize your energy usage and minimize household or commercial electricity bills.Cost-savings are The most significant reason people switch to a new energy company. Following are some practical tips and tricks to save money on your electricity bills.

  • Assess the popular energy providers in your area using our tool.
  • Compare plans from the same and different energy providers. 
  • Asses your monthly kWh usage for the household/business.
  • Consider the early termination fee before confirming a new provider. 
  • Assess and understand your electricity usage habits.
  • Use smart home tech to optimize home energy consumption.
  • Understand the peak and off-peak electricity rates in Dallas.
  • Consider installing renewable energy. 
  • Access government incentives and rebates on renewable energy.

Get a personalized energy plan for your new Dallas home

Top Commercial Electricity Rates in Dallas

Thanks to the deregulation of the Texas energy market, Dallasites can access competitive energy pricing for commercial needs. One of the reasons Dallas is a leader in industrial manufacturing is because of the deregulated energy market.

Manufacturers and businesses can significantly improve operational costs and optimize profits with lower electricity rates. Moreover, you can access special offers on electricity from various energy providers based on your unique energy requirements.

Dallas Electricity Rates FAQs

What factors can affect electricity rates in Dallas?

Several factors can impact the electricity rates in Dallas, such as energy demand, fuel costs, transmission costs, and energy distribution expenses. Moreover, regulatory policies may also affect energy costs and your electricity bills. However, if you use a fixed-rate plan, the varying energy price may only impact you during contract renewal.

Which is the cheapest electricity provider in Dallas?

Energy prices vary according to the energy provider and plan you choose. Moreover, energy prices are dynamic and fluctuate depending on factors like energy demand and fuel costs. You can use our advanced search and compare tool to find the lowest electricity rates and plans. Furthermore, you can choose a fixed or variable-rate plan based on your needs.

Are there different energy plan types in Dallas?

You can access different energy plans as a resident of Dallas, a city benefiting from a deregulated energy market. There are fixed and variable-rate plans available in Dallas. The fixed-rate plans require you to pay a specified amount as electricity bills regardless of varying energy prices. Variable-rate plans fluctuate based on market conditions.

Which is the best electricity company in Dallas?

The best electricity company for you can vary based on your unique requirements. For instance, a provider with excellent residential electricity plans may be less attractive to commercial plans. Similarly, electricity plans and offers can vary from provider to provider. Use our online tool to find the best electricity plan for your needs.

How do I set up a new electricity connection in Dallas?

Setting up a new energy or electricity connection in Dallas is easy without online tools. You can use our search and compare tool to find the ideal energy provider. All you have to do to switch the energy provider is review the plan you want to get and follow the prompts. Doing so lets you set up a new connection in Dallas in the comfort of your home.

Are there any renewable energy options in Dallas?

You can access several renewable energy options in Dallas, TX, as many energy providers offer them. However, it is worth noting that renewable energies often have significant initial investments. The high initial investment in renewable energy can be a roadblock to many. Fortunately, you can access government incentives and rebates for renewable energy.

Are there hidden fees or charges in Dallas electricity plans?

Some Dallas electricity plans may have add-ons or hidden fees integrated into them. It can come as an early termination fee or something else. Hence, it is crucial that you review the plan and its details before signing a contract. An online electricity plan comparison tool can help you assess your plan and review details to make an informed decision.

Do I have to pay a deposit to activate Dallas energy plans?

Some Dallas energy providers may require you to provide a deposit before you can access their energy services. However, this is different. Moreover, one would generally have to give a deposit in cases where the customer’s credit score is meager. In most cases, you do not have to provide a hefty deposit to set up the electricity plan in Dallas, TX.

What is the average Dallas electricity contract length?

The average contract length for Dallas electricity plans typically includes 12, 24, and 36 months. Choosing a shorter contract can provide valuable flexibility, but it often comes with fluctuating rates. On the other hance, choosing a longer-term plan enables you to access more stable electricity rates and keep a tight budget for your utility expenses.



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