Apples to Apples is Ohio’s PUC-sponsored electric and natural gas shopping site. On this site, Ohio customers can shop for energy rates, compare supplier offers, and even sign-up for a rate. EnergyPricing.com offers an alternative to this website and also displays many electric and gas offers from Ohio energy suppliers. Check out our Ohio rates by clicking here.

Energy Choice Ohio: Apples to Apples

If you live in Ohio, you have the option to choose a third-party energy supplier for your electric or gas supply outside of your local Ohio electric utility company. If you are looking for ways to reduce costs and pay less for energy, using the state’s sponsored energy shopping website (Apples to Apples aka Energy Choice Ohio) is a great first step. This site provides customers with the ability to compare third-party energy supplier offers and make educated decisions. 

Apples to Apples (Energy Choice Ohio) is the official electricity shopping site brought to you by the state of Ohio. The site provides residential and commercial consumers a simple way to compare electricity rates side by side and make quick decisions on what to do. On Apples to Apples, you can see supplier offers, sort by terms, and even view various energy options. Apples to Apples also has a great Frequently Asked Questions section that can help consumers decide what to do.

How Is EnergyPricing.com Different Than Apples to Apples Ohio?

Just like the many state sponsored energy shopping websites, we give our customers the options to shop for electricity and natural gas from many suppliers. In addition to our rate offerings, we also offer…

  • dedicated energy advisors on standby ready to take your call. We can answer your questions and give you non-biased advice on choosing an energy rate.
  • EnergyPricing.com is also committed to low, flat fees with all of our electricity offerings. This puts our interests in your corner since we are not biased towards one supplier offer.

How Does Energy Deregulation Work?

In states that are deregulated, like Ohio, consumers have the option to shop for electricity supply outside of their local utility provider. Prior to deregulation, Ohio utilities, like AEP, Dayton Power and Light, Duke, and First Energy, were required to provide electricity supply and delivery services to their customers. If you lived in a utility company’s service area, you had no choice but to pay the rate they were charging for electricity. With the onset of energy deregulation, electricity supply became a “shoppable” commodity. Local utility companies in Ohio are still required to deliver electricity to your home or business; however, you can purchase the supply of that electricity from a competitive supplier. Here are a list of the deregulated electric utilities in Ohio where customers can shop for electric supply:

If you have one of these electric utility companies sending you a bill, you have the option to purchase your electricity from an alternative provider. When you do this, your local utility company wills till continue billing you – the new supplier’s charges will simply appear on your bill. Interested in finding an alternative supplier that can save you money? Shop for electricity rates here.

How Does Switching To A Supplier Save Me Money?

Great question! Switching to a competitive electricity supplier does not guarantee you savings since there are many factors to consider such as your usage and the utility company’s price to compare. As an example, however, here is how you can estimate your savings when comparing a supplier’s rate to your local utility rate:

  • Your estimated annual electricity usage: 10,000 kWh
  • Your local utility company’s rate: $0.0750/kWh
  • An alternative supplier offer: $0.0690/kWh fixed for 12 months
  • Estimated savings: $60.00*

*Savings are based on actual kWh consumption and subject to vary. Utility comparison rates can also change throughout the year.

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