Ameren Illinois

Ameren Illinois.

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Ameren Illinois

Ameren Illinois is a utility that serves millions of customers in the state. If you live in the service area, you can choose your supplier and lower your energy rate. can help.

About Ameren Electric in Illinois

Ameren Electric is a part of the Ameren Corporation based in Collinsville, Illinois. Ameren Corp. also has an energy utility in Missouri. The company employs over 9,000 people and serves over 2.4 million customers in Illinois and Missouri. Ameren Illinois serves 1.2 million energy customers, and its service area covers 43,700 square miles. The company’s complex delivery system includes 46,000 power lines.

What's the Difference Between Utilities and Suppliers?

Illinois‘ deregulated energy market relies on two parties — utilities and suppliers. Utilities like Ameren maintain your energy delivery. They operate in a defined service area. Additionally, they respond to outages and ensure customers have consistent energy service.

Suppliers purchase the energy that utilities send to the end user. Also, deregulation drives competition among suppliers, keeping the rate of energy down and gives consumers more control over what they pay.

Shopping for new a supplier can help you maintain a low rate in the ever changing market. Ameren will provide a default rate also known as the Price to Compare on your bill. This rate is a variable and is not always the best unit of measurement against supplier rates due to the fact it is always changing.

Ameren Illinois Power Service Area

Ameren’s service area covers all parts of Illinois that touch the Missouri border. For example, these cities and towns are in Ameren’s service area:

Springfield, Peoria, Jacksonville, Goose Creek, Racoon Creek, Pinckneyville, Kinmundy, Decatur

If you’d like to see a list of current rates in Ameren Illinois’ service area, you can shop our rates online. We’ll just need your utility information to give you accurate rates.

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Shopping for a new rate may feel like a challenge, especially if you’re a larger business that uses a lot of energy. However, our reverse energy auctions can simplify your search. You can easily compare offers in one location all at the same time.

The process starts with finding available suppliers based on your usage and service area. Then, suppliers are invited to bid on your energy. Subsequently, you’ll get to watch the bidding process happen in real time. When the auction closes, your Energy Advisor will be ready to discuss them and ensure you feel confident about your choice.

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