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Central Maine Power.

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Central Maine Power

If your home or business is in Central Maine Power then we can help you find an energy provider with a low rate. Learn about Central Maine Power Company and how EnergyPricing.com connects you to energy suppliers in your area.

About CMP Energy

Central Maine Power (CMP) is a part of AVANGRID and covers almost 11,000 square miles. About 80% of Maine’s population is part of CMP energy territory. As of early 2000, Central Maine Power Co has been solely responsible for maintaining transmission and distribution for its customers.

How is Central Maine Different From A Supplier?

In Maine, you have the option to choose the company you receive your electricity from. In other words, Competitive Electricity Providers (CEP’s), supply the energy through the utility and then on to the end user. The utility, Central Maine Power Co, is responsible for maintaining the lines and distributing the energy to your home or business.

In Maine, the utility company handles distribution and transmission of electric. When comparing supplier rates to your recent bill, you will be shopping for the generation portion. The costs associated with distribution and transmission are set by the utility and cannot be shopped.

CMP offers a default service rate called the Standard Offer. If you are new to the utility or in between supplier contracts, you are likely on default service until you switch. The best way to check your current default rate is by reviewing a recent bill copy because the utility’s Standard Offer is a variable rate and changes throughout the year.

Central Maine Power Service Area

CMP serves most of Maine. This service area includes numerous cities:

Augusta, Brunswick, Portland, Rockland, Lewiston

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Utility company’s price to compare rates change often (monthly, quarterly or bi-annually). When you work with a supplier, you may be able to cut your energy costs and save throughout the year. At EnergyPricing.com, we make it easy to find a supplier with your ideal rate.

Our reverse energy auction invites suppliers to compete for your business in one easy location. As the customer, you can watch LIVE as the bids come in. At the end of the auction, your energy expert will be there to discuss the bids and assist with any questions you may have.

They’ll help you understand the contracts and find the best terms for your business. Whether you choose the lowest rate and/or the best contract, our reverse auctions give you the confidence you need to select your next supply agreement.

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