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versant power (Formerly emera maine).

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Versant Power

Do you pay your utility bill to Versant Power? If so, we can help you find a competitive electricity provider with a low rate. Learn about Versant Power and how uses technology to connect clients with competitive solutions.

About Versant Power (formerly Emera Maine)

Versant Power is responsible for almost 159,000 customers in Maine. Also, their headquarters is in Bangor, Maine, Versant became part of the ENMAX Corp companies in 2020, prompting a name change as part of the agreement. Originally, the utility had operated as Emera Maine since 1998.

How is The Utility Different From A Supplier?

In Maine, you have the option to choose the company you receive your electric from. Because of this, Competitive Electricity Providers (CEP’s), supply the energy through your utility company to you as the consumer. Versant Power, maintains the power lines and distributes the energy to your home or business.

Your utility bill is made up of three pieces; generation, transmission and distribution. In Maine, you can shop for the generation portion of your electric bill.

In Maine, there is a default supply service with Versant. This is called the Standard Offer. New customers to Versant and current customers between supplier agreements are likely on default service. Take a look at your recent bill from Versant to compare default service with our rates.

Versant Power, Maine Service Area

Versant serves two districts in Maine; Bangor Hydro and Maine Public. This service areas includes numerous cities:

Bangor, Ellsworth, Brewer, Presque Isle, Bar Harbor, Caribou, Old Town, Hampden

Take a look at our current supplier rates in Maine to get an idea of your options.

Utilize Our Reverse Energy Auction Technology

Utility’s default service rates change often (monthly, quarterly or bi-annually). By selecting a new supplier, you may are likely cutting your energy costs and save throughout the year. At, we make it easy to find a supplier for your next agreement.

Reverse Energy Auctions enable suppliers to bid on your consumption in one convenient platform all at the same time. You can watch in real time as they submit their bids. They will know instantly if they are not the lowest and have the opportunity to resubmit. Your energy expert will with you to discuss the outcome of the auction and assist with any questions or concerns.

Understanding contract terms and conditions are the most important details. Energy experts are there to help you understand the options available so that you can make an educated decision. It’s likely that the contract language you prefer may not be the lowest rate. You’ll need to weigh the options for what is most important.

To schedule your auction follow these steps:

  1. Submit your basic contact information here
  2. Choose when you’d like the agreement to start
  3. Be sure to include all utility account numbers
  4. Select the ideal product type
  5. That’s it!

From there, will work with your business in Maine to help you get the best rates. With our transparent approach you can feel confident in your next agreement. Get in touch with our team to learn more or request a quote to get started.

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