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Con Edison

Con Edison or Con Ed is a New York utility that serves six counties in the state. If you’re a Con Ed customer, you may not be paying the lowest rate available on the market. can help you find a new supplier with a low rate and reduce your Con Ed NYC bill.

About Con Edison Electric

Con Edison of NYC is an electric utility that serves over 3.4 million customers. Its 604-square-mile service area covers New York City and Westchester County with 96,000 miles of underground cables and 34,000 overhead cables. The company started in 1823 as the New York Gas Light Company.

Con Edison focuses on providing clean energy and mitigating the risks of climate change. Part of this initiative includes converting homes and businesses from oil to gas. They’ve converted over 5,200 buildings to date.

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Utilities vs. Suppliers

As a utility, Con Edison distributes electricity to consumers, handles outages and sends energy bills to homes and businesses each month. Suppliers or Energy Supply Companies (ESCOs) provide the energy that utilities like Con Edison distribute. They also determine the rate you pay.

In New York’s deregulated energy market, patrons like you get to choose your ESCO. The deregulated market means suppliers compete for business, and each one offers a different rate with different conditions. With the market constantly changing, there’s a good chance you can lock in a lower rate available. Researching supply rates can help you find a new supplier with a competitive price. Knowing where to look can be time consuming. That’s where we come in. can help you easily locate the best energy solution for your business in one convenient location.

Con Edison's Price To Compare

It is always important to have a baseline understanding of where the utility’s price to compare is currently. With Con Edison electric, the price to compare changes based on your rate and zone. To review recent Con Edison supply costs, click here. Con Edison’s price to compare constantly is changing and makes it hard for customers to have budget certainty. If you are looking for a more consistent cost, a fixed rate plan with a supplier is best.

Con Ed of NY Service Territory​

Con Edison NYC covers all of New York City and Westchester. The counties in this service area include:




Mount Vernon

New York City


Staten Island


If you’d like to view current market rates in these areas, click here. We’ll use your start date and zip code to give you an accurate listing of options. Helps You Save on Your Energy Bill

When you run a large commercial business, you likely have high energy usage. Lowering your rate can make a huge difference in what you spend every month. You could try to research ESCOs yourself or work with a traditional broker to compare rates. offers an alternative option, a custom quote.

For our reverse auctions, we create a group of suppliers who will compete for your business. During the auction, you can log into your account and watch in real time as suppliers submit their bids. ESCOs will suggest lower rates in an attempt to win you over, and when the auction closes, you’ll have a list of companies to choose from.

Our process is entirely transparent, so you’ll know you’re getting a great rate. To ensure you feel confident about your new ESCO, we’ll pair you with one of our energy advisors to discuss your options before you sign a contract.

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