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National Grid Massachusetts

National Grid is a utility that plays a part in Massachusetts’ deregulated energy market. You may rely on National Grid in Massachusetts to send your energy from your supplier if you are in their service area. We can help you find a new supplier in National Grid.

About National Grid

National Grid serves about 20 million energy users in New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The company started in 1812 in Britain and grew to the U.S. in 2000. Since then, it has grown into the largest investor-owned energy company in the U.S. They employ over 23,000 people worldwide.

National Grid Mass relies on a portion of the company’s 9,109 miles of overhead power lines. The U.S. sector of the company also uses 105 miles of underground transmission cables and partnered with Sunrun to provide solar power to 27,000 customers in the country.

What's the Difference Between a Utility and Supplier?

Massachusetts’ deregulated energy market involves two different groups for your electric costs — utilities and suppliers. Utilities like National Grid act as distribution centers for energy. Your utility is based on your location, and these companies handle all distribution costs, concerns, maintain power lines and respond to outages.

Suppliers provide power to utility companies for delivery. Deregulation allows these suppliers to set their rates and compete for market share. This arrangement drives the cost of energy down and gives consumers more control over what they pay. As an energy customer, you can choose your supplier based on their supply rate, which could help you save in the long run.

With the energy market changing daily, it can be a challenge to find a low price. We make it easy to shop for suppliers in a single location.

National Grid's Massachusetts Service Area

National Grid serves several cities and towns in Massachusetts. Places in the company’s service area include:









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Utilize A Reverse Auction For National Grid Electricity Rates in MA

We use our reverse energy auctions to help you drive down your next energy rate. We’ll start the process by identifying a group of suppliers tailored to your business consumption in your area.

On the day of the auction you can watch in real time as the suppliers submit their offers. During the scheduled auction, suppliers will know right away if they have the lowest rate and will have the option to sharpen their pencil and enter more bids. When the auction ends, you will work your energy advisor to discuss your options and find the best contract for your usage.

We provide a transparent process and market education to give you all the tools you need to choose the right rate. Start your reverse auction today or get in touch with our team to learn more.

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