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About New York State Electric and Gas

NYSEG is a part of AVANGRID and currently services over 900,000 electric customers across 40% of the state.

New York State Electric and Gas first started over 200 years ago as Ithaca Gas Light delivering natural gas for customers lamps. The company went through several acquisitions and in the early 1900’s, the company became NYSEG.

The Difference Between a Utility and an ESCO

If you currently receive an electric bill from NYSEG, this is your utility company. They distribute energy to a designated region. If you live in NYSEG electric service area, they’ll maintain your power lines, respond to outages and send you a bill every month. Your supplier, or Energy Supply Company (ESCO), provides the energy that New York State Gas and Electric distributes.

Since New York has a deregulated energy market, you can choose your supplier. Your supplier determines your rate, so committing to a new one can help you reduce your average bill. If you are not with a supplier, New York State Electric and Gas will provide a price to compare for your electric supply. You can use this number to compare ESCO rates and find a reasonable market price.

What is the price to compare in NYSEG?

The price to compare is a default rate charged by the utility company to a customer who is not with a third party supplier. In NYSEG, the price to compare differs from one bill to another. To know what the current nyseg electric rates are, simply review your last electric bill.

With the rates changing month to month, budgeting is tough. Look at fixed rate options to better plan for your utility expenses each month.

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New York State Electric & Gas - Electric Service Territory

The NYSEG power service area spans from Buffalo to Syracuse and over to Albany. These regions offer electricity to some or all towns in their area. Some cities and towns in these areas include:






If you want a quick view of market rates in this territory, check our current rates here.

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If you run a large commercial business, your energy makes up a significant portion of your expenses. Finding a new ESCO with a lower rate can help you save, and provides an easy way to compare available rates.

Our custom quotes provide a competitive environment for suppliers to submit their best bids for your business. We’ll setup an auction group within our supplier network and schedule a date and time for the auction. The ESCOs will submit low bids hoping to win your business, and when the auction closes, you’ll have a list of supplier rates and terms to choose from.

We’ll pair you with one of our energy advisors to help you pick the right ESCO for your usage. Whether you choose the lowest rate or the best contract, you’ll feel confident about your decision.

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