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About Cypress, Texas


Cypress is an unincorporated city that sits completely inside the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the city of Houston. It sits 24 miles northwest of downtown Houston and is in Harris County. 



Cypress was home to members of the Atakapa and Akokisa Indian tribes until German settlers arrived in the 1840s. This German influence is still apparent as many thoroughfares have German names. The city remained rural for many years and it was not until the 1990s  that developers saw an opportunity and began the formulation and building of planned communities. Today Cypress is ranked 50th in the top 100 highest-income urban areas in the United States proving the success of their efforts.


Population and Demographics

The population in Cypress is growing at a 0.36% growth rate. In 2010 the census reported 47,957 residents. In 2020 that number increased by 3.31% to a current population count of 49,546. The demographics are as follows:

White (including Hispanic and Latino) 73.4%

African American 10.6%

Native American 0.5%

Asian 0.07%

Multi-racial 2.8%



Cypress has had a job market growth rate of 3.2% in the last year. Their unemployment rate, at 3.9%,  is higher than 3.7% which is the national average. The primary industry is healthcare which is supported by two hospitals, HCA Houston Healthcare North Cypress and the Memorial Herman Cypress Hospital. In 2010 the city’s economy got a boost when Sysco announced it purchased the former Hewlett Packard call center and redesigned it to become a distribution hub for its North American operations.



With an average annual rainfall of 47 inches, Cypress is considered a humid subtropical climate. The winters are cold and the summers are hot and humid. They are susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes since they are close to the gulf coast.


Cypress Fun Fact

The people from Cypress have above-average education and earning power. Almost 62% of the population has obtained either a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree and 11% have obtained graduate degrees. Sixty percent of the people earn more than $75,000 annually with 20% earning in excess of $150,000.

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How To Compare Electricity Plans Cypress Suppliers Offer:

Attention Houston and Cypress residents! Are you ready to compare electricity plans for your home or business? We offer the best electricity plans in Cypress from the top retail electricity providers. Now, there are several electricity plan options offered in Cypress And, knowing your options is a great start to finding the best plan. Here are some of the common electricity plans Cypress energy suppliers offer:


Fixed Rate Electric Plans in Cypress

Fixed-rate electricity plans allow residents and businesses in Cypress to lock-in electricity unit costs at a certain $/kWh for a contract period term. This provides price certainty and a relatively simple way to budget for energy costs.


Residential & Commercial Plans

Our site also gives Cypress area residents the option to choose between residential electricity rates and commercial electricity rates. Commercial businesses in Cypress even have the ability to request a custom quote that is tailored to the business's individual usage.


No Deposit Electricity Plans

Some Cypress TX energy providers require customers to put down a deposit when they sign up for an electricity plan. Our site allows you to filter plans that do not require a deposit, so you can sign up with a Cypress electricity provider on your terms.


100% Green Plans

Are you looking for a green electricity plan in the Houston area? Our site displays rates from some of the leading green energy suppliers in Houston, Cypress, and the rest of Texas. Whether you want electricity generated from wind or solar, you can easily sort by 100% renewable plans.

Cheapest Electricity Rates Cypress Residents Count On

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Houston-Area Electric Utility Company Resources

If you live in Cypress or the rest of the Houston area, chances are that CenterPoint Energy is your local utility distribution company. However, there are two other electric utilities in Houston: TNMP and AEP Texas Central. Below is a map of the Texas utilities and their respective service areas:

As you can see from the map above, CenterPoint Energy covers most of the Houston metro area with TNMP servicing some pockets of the city, and AEP Texas Central servicing some of the outer areas of Houston. Below is some high level information of each Houston electric utility company. Please click on the links to visit each Houston electric company’s individual page. On those pages you will find customer service phone numbers, outage maps, and more.

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Houston is the largest city in Texas with a population of just over 3 million residents. If you live or own a business in Houston, Texas, you can find a new electricity provider with a low supplier rate. EnergyPricing.com offers transparency and energy market education, making us a valuable resource to your search for a low-cost Houston electricity provider. Whether you are shopping for your home, apartment, or business, you can find a rate and contract that works for your individual electricity usage. If you have any questions about shopping for electricity in Houston and would like to speak to someone, contact us today.

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Who Has The Best Electricity Rates In Cypress?

There are many retail electricity providers in Houston and the company with the best electricity rates changes often. In fact, on our electricity shopping website in Houston, you will see that every so often a new supplier is offering the cheapest electric rates. Since energy suppliers have different purchasing strategies, often the supplier who bought energy at the right time is able to offer the lowest rates. If have any questions about shopping for electricity in Houston and would like to speak to someone, contact us today.

What Is a Good Electricity Rate In Cypress?

Electricity rates in Houston have gone up and down over the years. Currently, electricity rates are higher than they have been over the last decade due to rises in natural gas prices and other commodities used in the electricity generation process. Click here to see a historical price average in Houston, TX published by the Texas Public Utility Commission. At EnergyPricing.com we pride ourselves in offering the lowest electricity rates in Houston to our customers. Enter your zip code in the search box at the very top of this website to browse electricity rates in Houston.

How Much Does Electricity Cost In Cypress?

Electricity costs in Houston, like in any deregulated electricity market, fluctuate up and down with the price of the market. In Texas, over 60% of electricity is generated using natural gas, so Houston electricity costs typically follow the price of natural gas. When natural gas rates are high, then electricity rates in Houston are also high. And, when natural gas prices fall, Houston electricity prices fall. Typically, when you see the price of the natural gas NYMEX market rise by $0.10/MMBtu, then you will see electricity prices in Houston rise by approximately $0.001/kWh.