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CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint is a large utility in the U.S., and it’s a distribution center for natural gas and electricity in Texas. When you work with EnergyPricing.com to find your ideal utility rate, you’ll still work through your utility company. Learn about CenterPoint and if you’re located in their service area.


About CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy is a leading utility that serves eight states and 4.5 million businesses and homes. CenterPoint’s merger with Vectren has given them a much wider reach in the country, and more resources to provide for their customers.

In Texas, CenterPoint Energy distributes natural gas to many parts of Eastern Texas. It also provides electricity to the Houston Metro area. CenterPoint Energy is based in Houston, Texas, and has been in business for over 140 years.


What’s the Difference Between your Utility and an Energy Supplier?

Utilities, like CenterPoint Energy, send you your electric, while suppliers provide the power that your utility to sends to you. Texas has a deregulated energy market, allowing buyers to choose their supplier. If you live in CenterPoint Energy’s service area, they’ll always provide your power and handle your maintenance needs. Your choice of supplier will affect your rate.


Texas Cities CenterPoint Serves

CenterPoint Energy in Texas has six divisions in the state. These are:

Houston division: This is the Greater Houston region, which includes Pasadena, Missouri City and Deer Park.

East Texas division: This includes cities and towns near the border of Louisiana, like Carthage, Winnsboro and Riverside.

Beaumont division: Along the eastern border, this area is made up of Beaumont, Dayton and more.

South Texas division: Covering the southern part of Texas, this includes towns like Selma, Bishop and El Campo.

Texas Coast division: This region covers the area along the Gulf, includes Sugar Land and Texas City.

Texarkana service area: This small area covers four cities, Texarkana, Nash, Redwater and Wake Village.

Take a look at our current rates in CenterPoint Energy’s service area.

Use A Reverse Auction For Your Next Contract

It can be a challenge to shop for a new supplier. Knowing which rates include the same terms is important. A lower rate is not always a better rate. At EnergyPricing.com, we show you you the same products and educate you on them so that you can choose a contract that is right for you. Our Reverse Energy Auction is a tailored solution for your energy and gets you the best rate.

Just submit your account data and our Energy Experts will tailor your RFQ to your goals. Watch our supplier network bid on your usage. When the auction begins, they will submit their offers. If they are not winning, they will have the chance to adjust their rate. Because the auction happens in real-time, you can watch as your bids come in.

Your Energy Expert will then review the bids with you to choose the right offer based on your goals. They want to ensure you feel certain in your next energy agreement. Contact our experts now, to discuss your next contract.



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