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About Oncor Electric

Oncor Is An Electric Utility In Texas 

Oncor is the largest electric delivery company in Texas. They’ve operated in the state since 1912, and they distribute power with over 100,000 miles of overhead wires and underground cables. With their vast network, they serve over 10 million Texans across 98 counties and over 400 communities.


Oncor is a utility based in Texas, and if you live in their service area, they’re in charge of your power distribution. When you use EnergyPricing.com to find a low supplier rate, you’ll still have your distributor costs on your bill. Take a look at Oncor and how they differ from a supplier.


The Difference Between Oncor and An Energy Supplier

Oncor is a utility company, meaning they are in charge of sending the electricity they receive from a supplier to the end user. In Texas, the energy market is deregulated, which means you have the power to choose your supplier.

If you’re in Oncor’s service area, they’ll always handle your electric distribution and maintain your power lines. When you have a power outage, or if one of your power lines suffers damage, Oncor and their team will fix the issue. Where you get your electric, however, is up to you, and Oncor will provide your electricity based on the supplier you choose. Your rate will depend on who supplies your power.

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About Oncor Electricity Rates

Texas was the first state in the United States to deregulate its electric utility sector. In fact, according to Wikipedia, the wholesale electricity generation markets deregulated in 1995, with the distribution market following in 1999. After the passing of Texas Senate Bill 7, retail electricity suppliers could contract with generation facilities to supply power to Texas customers. 

After deregulation, Texas utility companies that owned all of the infrastructure and utility lines were put in charge of delivering electricity to Texas residents and businesses. Oncor is the largest of the electric delivery companies in Texas and serves all of Dallas-Fort Worth and several other areas throughout Texas. 

There are many competitive electricity suppliers doing business in the Oncor service territory and offering competitive electric rates to Oncor ratepayers. If you live in or own a business in the Oncor area, finding a competitive electricity rate is simple and straight forward! Simply browse the top Oncor electricity offers on our website and sign up today!

Oncor Power Service Territory

Oncor electric serves the central northern and western regions of Texas. Their large network of overhead electric wires and underground cables covers both small towns and large urban centers in the state. The counties they serve include notable cities such as:

ArlingtonDallas, Fort Worth, Wichita Falls, Sherman, Tyler, Waco, Temple, Round Rock, Midland, Odessa. Below is a map highlighting the Oncor power service territory and the other electric utilities in Texas:


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How To Compare Oncor Energy Rates:

Attention Oncor electric customers! Are you ready to compare electricity plans for your home or business? We offer the best electricity plans in Oncor from the top retail electricity providers. Now, there are several electricity plan options offered in the Oncor service territory. And, knowing your options is a great start to finding the best plan. Here are some of the common electricity plans Oncor energy suppliers offer:


Fixed Rate Electric Plans in Oncor

Fixed-rate electricity plans allow residents and businesses in Oncor to lock-in electricity unit costs at a certain $/kWh for a contract period term. This provides price certainty and a relatively simple way to budget for energy costs.


Oncor Residential & Commercial Plans

Our site also gives Oncor residents the option to choose between residential electricity rates and commercial electricity rates. Commercial businesses in Oncor even have the ability to request a custom quote that is tailored to the business's individual usage.


No Deposit Oncor Electricity Plans

Some Oncor energy providers require customers to put down a deposit when they sign up for an electricity plan. Our site allows you to filter plans that do not require a deposit, so you can sign up with a Oncor electricity provider on your terms.


100% Green Plans in Oncor

Are you looking for a green electricity plan in Oncor? Our site displays rates from some of the leading green energy suppliers in Oncor and the rest of Texas. Whether you want electricity generated from wind or solar, you can easily sort by 100% renewable plans.

Cheapest Electricity Rates In Oncor Texas

If you’re looking for cheap electricity rates in Oncor, you’ve come to the right place! We allow our customers to browse Oncor electricity rates, supplier offers and sign up directly online. 

As you can see from the map above, Oncor covers most of the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as other areas in west Texas. Oncor is the largest electric utility in the state of Texas and has the most supplier rate offerings.

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Oncor is the largest electric utility company in Texas, serving over 13 million customers with over $4 billion in annual revenue. Oncor, formerly known as TXU, serves all of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and other parts of western and central Texas. If you are a resident living in the Oncor service area, or you own a business in the Oncor territory, shopping for an energy supplier is simple. Because of Oncor’s size, there are many electricity suppliers with attractive offers in Oncor.

Signing up is easy. Simply enter your zip code in the search bar at the top of our website and browse top offers from Oncor electricity providers today! If you have any questions about shopping for electricity in Houston and would like to speak to someone, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many retail electricity providers in the Oncor service territory, and the Oncor electric company with the best electricity rates changes often. In fact, when browsing for Oncor electricity rates, you will see that there are many electric suppliers with different rate offers. Since Oncor electric suppliers have the freedom to purchase electricity in the wholesale market when they want, their retail rate offers change often. If have any questions about shopping for electricity in Oncor and would like to speak to someone, contact us today.

Finding the best electricity rate in Oncor can be challenging when you are left alone. Without resources like our website where you can compare many electricity rate offers in Oncor at once, it can be hard to find the best offer. Since rates change daily, and the cheapest supplier can also change from time to time, it is important to do your research to find a good Oncor electricity rate. Simply enter your search criteria in our energy search engine to compare Oncor electricity rates today!

Electricity costs in the Oncor service territory, like in any deregulated electricity utility market, fluctuate up and down with the price of the market. In Texas, over 60% of electricity is generated using natural gas, so Oncor electricity costs typically follow the price of natural gas. When natural gas rates are high, then electricity rates in Oncor are also high. And, when natural gas prices fall, Oncor electricity prices fall. Typically, when you see the price of the natural gas NYMEX market rise by $0.10/MMBtu, then you will see electricity prices in Oncor rise by approximately $0.001/kWh. 

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